Silent Planet in the Studio 2018

It’s been a little over three years since Silent Planet took me on my first tour in January 2015. We’ve been on 11 tours together and I’ve spent more time with them than literally anyone else in my life. It’s crazy to think it’s been almost exactly two years since I flew up to New Jersey to be with them in the studio for a few days while they were recording¬†Everything Was Sound. I feel like I have a lot of deja vu moments these days, but returning to the same studio be with the same people, albeit recording a different record, felt like a serious case of deja vu. I was so excited to go up and see some of my best friends, hear how the songs were coming along, and document the process for this record. Last time […]

My Favorite Moments of 2017

At the end of every year I think the exact same thing: “There is no way next year could be any crazier than this year.” Yet, somehow, every year ends up feeling even wilder than the last. 2017 started with me wondering if I was going to get any tours. I had nothing lined up and nothing on the horizon other than a possible spot on Warped Tour, six months away. About three weeks before the tour started I ended up being hired by Against The Current to go to Europe with them for 45 days in February and March. I got to see so many amazing places and explore some of my favorite countries with some of my favorite people. I also ended up talking with the love of my life, Erin, on this tour after David (the former […]

Fit For A King North America Fall Headliner 2017

Touring with Fit For A King felt like a full circle moment, because one of the first times I picked up a camera was to shoot them at Warped Tour 2014. So, getting to work for them this past summer on Warped and then finally getting to tour with them this fall was really cool for me, especially with this being their first official headliner. I loved watching these guys crush it to hundreds of people every night who were clearly there for them. I took a whole lot of photos I’m very proud of on this run. So, I hope you enjoy scrolling through them. Thanks to the Fit boys for entrusting me with your media needs for five weeks!

Needtobreathe All The Feels Tour 2017

I’m a huge fan of mixing things up, trying new things out, shooting new people, etc. Maybe that’s because I get bored pretty easily, but either way, I’m at my best when I get to explore new things. So, I was extremely excited to hit the road with my new friends in Needtobreathe for a couple weeks because that brought new people, lots of production, and new rooms for me to shoot and get to know. I love these guys and the whole crew so much and really enjoyed my short time with them. The production on this tour was insane, which is a huge testament to both the band’s creative minds for coming up with it and the crew’s professionalism for being able to execute their vision so well every night. I can say without a doubt that Needtobreathe […]

Vans Warped Tour 2017

I’ve heard it said that if you can make it through Warped Tour you can make it through any tour, and I’d venture to say that’s one of the most accurate statements I’ve ever heard. After doing the tour two summers in a row, and doing it in a van this year, I’d have to say it is the most grueling tour I’ve ever done. Waking up every morning in a parking lot with the sun already beating down on you and then spending the next 15+ hours of your day out in the heat, trekking across the parking lot a million times to find catering or your stage or ice for your ancient merch guy, makes for quite a long summer. With all that said though, Warped is always a blast. You get to hang out with a bunch […]

Hearts Like Lions Divisi Tour 2017

Almost two years ago I did a tour with Forevermore on which a band called Hearts Like Lions was opening. I loved watching them play every night and we became decent friends on that short run, fast forward to April of this year and I finally got to tour with them in their crazy old van on one of the most extensive club tours I’ve ever done. I love the Michael, Stephen, Nick, and Luke and we became even better friends over the course of these six weeks; and, I really loved getting to know all the guys and girls in A Lot Like Birds, Household (who I had also previously toured with, so that was rad), and Owel. This tour felt like one big family. So, that made this grueling tour that much more enjoyable. (Also, Owel quickly became […]

Erra Spring Headliner 2017

It’s pretty cool to get to tour with your best friends, but it’s even cooler to get to tour with multiple bands who are your best friends. I hopped on incredibly last minute with Phinehas and Erra for a couple weeks in April. This tour was the third in a string of tours where I was out for only a week or two, so it kinda felt like one big tour with a few flights in between. I’ve toured so much with Phinehas that it was a blast to finally the road with them again after a little over a year, and of course I loved being with Erra as well after we became such good friends at the end of last year when I was with Silent Planet. This run seemed to fly by, but I think we made […]

Wolves At The Gate End of Silence Tour 2017

I feel like my time with Wolves At The Gate is always really short, but I love touring with these guys. This tour had a whole lot of off days, so it was fun getting to hang out a bunch with the guys (mostly eating California burritos if we’re being honest). On top of that we played a bunch of my favorite places (Ace of Spades, Chain Reaction, House of Blues San Diego, etc.), so that made the tour that much more of a blast. Wolves tour so sparingly that I take it as a huge honor that I’ve been able to go on each of their last two tours. Hopefully we’ll be able to keep up the tradition! Below are just a few of the best moments from the 10 days or so I spent with the guys!

Gideon Self Inflicted Tour 2017

Some of the most fun I’ve ever had on tour, I can say with absolute certainty, was on this tour with Gideon. I’ve been dying to tour with Gideon in their van since I was with Silent Planet on their headliner two years ago, and now that another one of my best friends is in the band, Luke, who was in the band Better Off, I was even more excited. I love these guys to death and I’m so glad I got to spend a little over a week with them going down the west coast rocking some gigs. I can’t wait for the next time we get to all tour together again, but until then I’ll have to settle for reliving the memories with the photos below.

Against The Current In Our Bones Europe/UK Tour 20...

Europe has a special place in my heart after spending several years there as a child. So, it’s always exciting for me to go back! This time around I got to visit a few cities I hadn’t been to since my family and I lived over there and I got to do it with one of the best crews in Against The Current. I can say without a doubt that some of my favorite content I’ve ever created came out of this tour, which I think largely happened because I felt inspired every day by the amazing culture around us. I had a blast on this run and I’m so stoked to share some of my favorite photos with you! Hope you enjoy looking through them!