I'm a touring photographer (loosely) based out Washington D.C. who specializes in music and portrait photography. One of my passions is bringing your visceral narrative to life by coming alongside you and helping tell your story through visual content. You have an incredible story that needs to be told, and the best way to do that is to have compelling visuals. Clients Include: Needtobreathe, Atlantic Records, Silent Planet, Against The Current, Solid State Records, For Today, Ruckus Apparel, Kerrang Magazine, Tooth & Nail Records, Fit For A King, Rise Records, Phinehas, Vanna, Too Close To Touch, Wolves At The Gate, The Acacia Strain, Better Off, Gideon, Epitaph Records, Tsovet, Hearts Like Lions, The Ongoing Concept, Murray Hill Theatre, Hunger, Substream Magazine, Forevermore, Corey Kilgannon, Stheart, Jeremiah Daly (Photos by Erin Krespan.)


"Jonathan has a visceral sense of narrative. I’ve found such a vivid interest in his work when we share it on our socials, and I think it’s because his pictures sort of tease the imagination. This leaves our followers wondering what’s next…and what came before that. As a group of story tellers, we’ve found that Jonathan has pushed our story into the visual medium in a way we never expected."

- Garrett Russell, Silent Planet

"Jonathan Kemp is a gifted photo journalist who has an eye for concert photography. Were it not that he’s in so much demand or on the road documenting touring acts I would use him exclusively for all my events."

- Flip Padilla, Murray Hill Theatre/Milestones Promotion

"Jonathan Kemp is a prodigy who doesn’t even know it. After directing 6 music videos, I call him to ask him about what the best gear is…The point being. He makes an old fashion camera look modern. Plus, he uses Lightroom better than anyone. Look at every band’s Facebook and Instagram page – they all mimick Jonathan’s style. But like I said. He doesn’t even know it."

- Dawson Scholz, The Ongoing Concept