My Favorite Moments of 2017

At the end of every year I think the exact same thing: “There is no way next year could be any crazier than this year.” Yet, somehow, every year ends up feeling even wilder than the last. 2017 started with me wondering if I was going to get any tours. I had nothing lined up and nothing on the horizon other than a possible spot on Warped Tour, six months away. About three weeks before the tour started I ended up being hired by Against The Current to go to Europe with them for 45 days in February and March. I got to see so many amazing places and explore some of my favorite countries with some of my favorite people. I also ended up talking with the love of my life, Erin, on this tour after David (the former […]

Fit For A King North America Fall Headliner 2017

Touring with Fit For A King felt like a full circle moment, because one of the first times I picked up a camera was to shoot them at Warped Tour 2014. So, getting to work for them this past summer on Warped and then finally getting to tour with them this fall was really cool for me, especially with this being their first official headliner. I loved watching these guys crush it to hundreds of people every night who were clearly there for them. I took a whole lot of photos I’m very proud of on this run. So, I hope you enjoy scrolling through them. Thanks to the Fit boys for entrusting me with your media needs for five weeks!