Vans Warped Tour 2016

Doing Vans Warped Tour has been one of my biggest goals since I started touring over a year and a half ago. (Side note: I still cannot believe it has been that long.) I grew up idolizing this tour, thinking it was the be-all-end-all for touring musicians. If you were on Warped Tour then you had clearly made it. While that is not the case, it is still a tour I am very grateful and proud to have had a part in.

The second time I ever picked up a camera was at Warped Tour a few years back. The first time I ever talked to anyone about being a photographer was at Warped Tour with my now best bud, Matt Ginzel, who coincidentally was out with The New Low for the second half of the tour this year. The first band I toured with, Silent Planet, was on the first half of the tour. Warped Tour was very full circle for me. Everything about it just felt right.

I would be lying if I did not say that this tour was the most exhausting one I have ever done. There were several days where I had to force myself out of bed and then chug cups upon cups of coffee. Warped Tour is a two month version of Groundhog Day. You wake up in a parking lot, spend all day in a parking lot, go to bed in a parking lot, and then repeat. Other than the three days where the it was in the 60s, every day is brutally hot (which is where the whole being out on blacktop all day long does not help). I needed several days to decompress from this tour and feel like I had finally regained my former energy, and this is coming from someone who has essentially toured the last seven months straight.

Even with all of that, this summer was easily the best summer of my life and my favorite tour I have done to date. I got to spend every day with my best friends and had the opportunity to shoot many bands I admire. I got to see Silent Planet and Vanna crush their album releases and have killer crowds every day. I also made a bunch of new friends along the way.

I hope I have the opportunity to partake in “Punk Rock Summer Camp” again next year. Thank you to Vanna and Silent Planet for believing in me enough to bring me out this summer and entrust me with your branding. I am still astounded that I have the opportunity to tour for a living. So, thank you to everyone along the way who has believed in me and helped get me to the point I am at now. I have a busy fall and winter ahead, so I hope to make even more friends to close out the year!

Below you will find a gallery of almost 200 of my favorite photos from the summer. I hope you enjoy looking at what Warped Tour looked like through my lens!

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  1. Hey Jonathan,

    Thank you for sharing these amazing pictures. I really love the color treatment you apply on your pictures. Your B&W pictures capture the moment and the mood, I’m a Big fan of your work, keep it up! Wish you the best!


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