The Ongoing Concept Summer Headliner 2016

Summer tours are brutal when everything goes as planned. It seems like most people who tour for a living would rather tour in the summer than the winter, because the chances of getting sick in the winter are exceedingly high. I’m the exact opposite though. I hate the heat. So, when your van doesn’t have AC for a whole tour that tends to pose a problem. This tour with The Ongoing Concept was a fun one. I love these guys, so getting to traipse across the US with them again was a blast – except for trying to sleep every night in the van with no AC. I think I currently have more mosquito bites than shows played on this tour because of sleeping with the windows down every night in Walmart parking lots. The things we do for rock ’n roll.

This tour was cool in particular because whenever you do a headliner with a band, most of the crowd is going to be there for that band. So, getting to see so many Ongoing Concept fans singing along to their songs was rad.

This tour was a humbling experience – from the lack of AC to multiple van problems to a few rough shows. It makes all the difference in the world though when you tour with good people. Just being able to hang with these guys every day more than made up for some of the rougher days. Hope you enjoy looking through some of my favorite photos from this tour!