Wolves At The Gate April Headliner 2016

Touring with new people is always an adventure. I got to know the guys in Wolves At The Gate last year when I took promos for them while we were both in Germany for a festival. So, they weren’t all together new friends, but I had never toured with them up until this point. I was stoked to finally get the opportunity to hit the road with them, especially on their first headliner in a while and with their new record coming out later this year.

I love the four guys in this band and am incredibly honored to have been with them for a couple weeks. This was such a fun tour having already known the Dayseeker boys from a tour I did with Silent Planet last year which they were also on and then getting to know Household throughout the course of the tour. It was a quick two weeks, but I’m so grateful for the time I had with everyone.

I feel like every tour I try to do something a little different than the one before. This time around I definitely pushed myself in a lot of ways and tried to stretch my abilities as much as possible. I love how the images came out from this run and I hope you enjoy perusing through them.

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