Gideon in Studio May 2016

I get to see the touring aspect of the music industry so often that it almost feels like I’m desensitized to the wonders of that world, but until this year I had never been a part of the recording side of things. Back in January I was able to go into the studio with Silent Planet for a few days while they were recording at Will Putney’s studio in Belleville, New Jersey, which is about an hour outside of New York City.

I got a second opportunity the first week of May when I finished up a tour with Wolves At The Gate about an hour away from Putney’s. Gideon was in the studio recording and so I convinced them to let me come and hang out for a week. This time around Putney was in the studio while I was there, so it was cool finally getting to see him in action. For seven days I was in the studio with the boys. There were a couple days where Dan, their vocalist, and I ventured into New York City and explored (we went to a Yankees game, tried and failed to see the Statue of Liberty, etc.). Other than that though we were quite literally in the studio the whole time, since we also slept there every night.

This record will be Gideon’s fourth, but their first on Equal Vision Records, so this is a huge album for them. I can’t wait to hear how it turns out, since I’ve heard a good bit of the rough takes straight off the board and even more excited to see them play these songs live every day this summer on Warped Tour. I hope you enjoy looking through a bit of the behind scenes of the making of this record as much as I enjoyed being a fly on the wall for it.

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