Corey Kilgannon ‘Let a Lover Drown You’ Tour 2016

Getting to tour with your best friends is pretty much the dream in my opinion. That’s exactly what touring with Corey Kilgannon and the Penny & Sparrow crew is like. Corey is one of my oldest friends and Andy and Kyle from (P&S) and their wives have quickly become some of my best friends as well. Last year I got small taste of touring with these guys when Corey and I did a few shows with them in the fall. So, I was incredibly stoked to hit the road with them for an extended period of time, especially with it being their album release tour.

This tour was a blast and a great change of pace. As much as I love doing heavier tours, it was nice to hear some much more relaxed music for a few weeks. Touring with Corey is also different because we did it all in a little hybrid car, instead of a van like I’m used to. I get bored very quickly, so changing things like the style of music and mode of transportation make touring much more enjoyable for me. This tour was by far one of my favorites I’ve done to date and I’m extremely proud of the photos we created over the course of the three and a half weeks I was with them.

If you’re into crying your eyes out and feeling strong emotions definitely listen to Corey’s EP She is Blue Sky, I’m the Gray and Penny & Sparrow’s Let a Lover Drown You. They are both incredible records I listen to almost on a daily basis.

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