Silent Planet March Beartooth Tour 2016

Sometimes life doesn’t work out quite the way you thought it would. Actually, most of the time that seems to be the case. You just have to learn to roll with the punches. In March I thought I was going to be on one tour – in fact I was a part of it for one whole day. Then as things happened the band I was with found themselves no longer on the tour after just one show and I was left scrounging for something for another to hop on. That’s when my brothers in Silent Planet rallied around me and picked me up a day later on their way from Knoxville, Tenn. to Bryant, Ark, as I was stuck in Nashville.

I rode along with the boys for the last week and a half of their tour with Beartooth, which saw us going to Never Say Never Fest and So What?! Fest in Texas and playing a few shows along the way. The tour was a blast and I will forever be grateful for Silent Planet’s willingness to help me out. Nothing but love for everyone in Silent Planet.

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