Gideon in Studio May 2016

I get to see the touring aspect of the music industry so often that it almost feels like I’m desensitized to the wonders of that world, but until this year I had never been a part of the recording side of things. Back in January I was able to go into the studio with Silent Planet for a few days while they were recording at Will Putney’s studio in Belleville, New Jersey, which is about an hour outside of New York City. I got a second opportunity the first week of May when I finished up a tour with Wolves At The Gate about an hour away from Putney’s. Gideon was in the studio recording and so I convinced them to let me come and hang out for a week. This time around Putney was in the studio while I […]

Wolves At The Gate April Headliner 2016

Touring with new people is always an adventure. I got to know the guys in Wolves At The Gate last year when I took promos for them while we were both in Germany for a festival. So, they weren’t all together new friends, but I had never toured with them up until this point. I was stoked to finally get the opportunity to hit the road with them, especially on their first headliner in a while and with their new record coming out later this year. I love the four guys in this band and am incredibly honored to have been with them for a couple weeks. This was such a fun tour having already known the Dayseeker boys from a tour I did with Silent Planet last year which they were also on and then getting to know Household […]