Phinehas February For Today Tour 2016

This was by far the longest tour I’ve ever done – not in terms of length, but in how it felt. We encountered many weather drastic changes, including some of the worst weather I’ve ever been in (-40 with windchill in Montreal). We all got sick at some point on the tour. We had many long, overnight drives. It was a grueling tour to say the least. With that said, this was also one of the most fun tours I’ve been a part of so far. I always love being out with Phinehas and the fact that For Today was headlining made it that much better. The guys in Vanna and Like Moths To Flames were super cool as well. All the bands were incredible to watch every night, and to say I’m bummed at not being able to see […]

Silent Planet in Studio January 2016

I’ve spent more time with the Silent Planet crew than literally any other humans over the last year. In 2015 we did six and a half tours together (half because I did one tour with Phinehas that they were also on a portion of). I love these guys so much. They’re some of my best friends and brothers, which is why I was excited to be able to fly up to New Jersey while they were in the studio in January recording their sophomore record. I got to spend four days with the guys, hanging out and taking photos while they recorded and generally tried not to go insane from being stuck in a studio for a month in freezing New Jersey. Their record is by far my most anticipated of the year and I cannot wait for them to […]