‘O God The Aftermath’ Tour Recap || Norma Jean, ’68, Sleepwave, Belle Haven 2015

It’s been about a week since I got off Norma Jean’s 10 year anniversary tour for O God the Aftermath, and it still feels so surreal. It was cool to see such variety on a tour, as well as to see everyone become friends so quickly. Getting to watch all these bands every night was a blast and I’m stoked have built friendships with everyone on this tour. The photographs I got on this tour are some of my favorites from this year so far. I posted all my work with The Ongoing Concept right after I flew out from the tour, but I thought I’d post pictures from all the other bands as well. It seemed like a waste just to have them sitting on my laptop, ya feel? At the end you’ll find a portrait of everyone on the tour – band members, drivers, photographers, tour managers, etc. – which is something I’m really stoked on. Hope you guys enjoy looking through pictures of Norma Jean, ’68, Sleepwave, and Belle Haven!

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