The Ongoing Concept ‘OGTA’ Anniversary Tour Recap 2015

Tours seem to go by so quickly that it’s not usually until afterwards that I’m able to reflect on all the crazy things I’ve been given the opportunity to do and be a part of. The opportunity to go out with The Ongoing Concept for the first couple weeks of Norma Jean’s 10 year anniversary tour for O God the Aftermath was a pretty last minute thing. I knew going into it that everything about this tour was going to be overwhelming – from touring with guys I had never met to being able to see Norma Jean play an iconic record from to back every night to seeing two legends of the music world (Josh Scogin and Spencer Chamberlain) play in their new bands every night. So, with that in mind, I made sure to slow down over the course of this tour and really take everything in.

It’s been a crazy couple weeks, full of ups and downs, that I will never forget. I’m more stoked on this body of work than I am on anything I’ve ever done. I wholeheartedly believe the pictures you’ll find below, along with the pictures I’ll be posting soon of all the other bands on this tour, are my best photographs to date. The last couple months have taught me a lot in regards to photography and life in general. I’ve experienced having my whole life pretty much torn away from me. I’ve experienced the generosity of so many people helping me get back on the road, for which I can never express my gratitude enough. These photographs come from a place of excitement and passion, to a degree I’ve never felt before. So, I thoroughly hope you enjoy looking through them and seeing what The Ongoing Concept boys and I were up to these last couple weeks of September.


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