My Favorite Moments of 2015

This year has been the wildest year of my life. Several times a week I think back on all the experiences I’ve had and honestly can’t believe it. I’ve seen places I never thought I would and had the opportunity to travel all over the Americas and Europe with some of my best friends, doing what I love. There have been a lot of highs and a lot of lows in 2015. One of the defining moments of this year for me came in August when I was carjacked at gunpoint and lost all of my gear. I was distraught. Everything I had worked hard to acquire to do my job was just gone in one instance and I had no way of making the money I needed to purchase the gear again, because my source of income was tied […]

Silent Planet Europe Tour 2015

I’m not sure I can think of a better way to close out 2015 than the way I started – back out on the road with the Silent Planet boys, albeit on another continent. This was by far one of the most memorable tours I was a part of this year. Every day was an adventure – whether it be the muffler falling off our van, fighting off flea-infested dogs in the Slovakian apartment we were staying in, or just exploring whatever city we happened to be in that day. So many things happened on this tour that I thought I’d share a little bit to go along with the photos below. Hope you enjoy experiencing what we experienced! November 29 – Liege, BE Day one was a whirlwind of flying into Brussels, taking a train to pick up our […]

Forevermore ‘The Question’ 10 Year Ann...

I guess it only seemed fitting to do a tour with Forevermore after doing tours with practically every other Solid State Records band this year. (I think the only active SS band I didn’t shoot this year was Demon Hunter.) The opportunity to tour with these boys came in November on the east coast run of Emery’s The Question 10 Year Anniversary Tour. As anyone on this tour can attest to, I fell asleep in almost every imaginable place over the course of the first few days of this run. After having been on the road for over a month and a half already, with only two off days, I was quite exhausted. So, the first little bit of this tour is somewhat of a blur for me, but overall the tour was a good time hanging with some good […]

‘Wake’ Release Tour Recap || For Today...

Touring with Silent Planet always feels like being with family, but the Wake Tour felt even more like that because of all the other bands on this tour. In one way or another I’ve gotten to know the guys in For Today, Fit For A King, Gideon, and Phinehas throughout this year. So, getting to do a tour with all of them together was a real treat. I captured plenty of moments throughout the tour of each of the guys in these bands, which is why I thought I’d share these photos as well, instead of having them just sitting on my external hard drives. This was probably my favorite tour of 2015, and out of it came what are some of my favorite photos of the year. I hope you enjoy looking through all of them, and if you’d also […]